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Oranzada Red Orangeade

Drinks from Poland

2 out of 5 stars

Universal Yums

This is the soda of [half] my people, apparently (“The soda five generations of Poles have cherished”), but I’m not so into it. Oddly it tastes exactly like an energy drink to me, but it’s really just soda…

Written on Jun 12, 2022


Blackcurrant soda

Drinks from United Kingdom

5 out of 5 stars

A British convenience store

Once upon a time I bought a blackcurrant-flavored soda in the U.K., and it was delicious, and I have never found it again. The Ribena blackcurrant soft drink I have found too sickly sweet; in a drink format, blackcurrant really needs carbonation to lift that sweet flavor. As far as the flat fruit drink goes, I ended up mixing that with some sparkling water and it turned out better. I still dream of you, true blackcurrant soda.

Written on Mar 05, 2022