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A box package of candies that holds individually-wrapped portions. The box is labelled "Skwinklote" and has a duck character with flippy blonde hair and sunglasses. The duck has its arms crossed in a cool guy posture.

Skwinklote – Sandia Enchilada

Candy from Mexico

4 out of 5 stars

A convenience store or snack stand in Mexico City

Many moons ago, I tried many snacks in Mexico City, Mexico and failed to document basically all of them. One of my favorites was a spicy watermelon candy. I *thought* this one was lost to the sands of time, but I found a note on my phone from 2018 referencing Skwinklote. Whether this was *the* original snack I had that I loved so much, or a close copy I bought at Rocket Fizz (Seattle, WA) at some point, it clearly was worth bookmarking.

Written on Mar 05, 2022