Haldirams Assorted Chikki

A purple box of assorted chikki, which are squares that look a lot like peanut brittle

Baked Goods from India

4 out of 5 stars

Haldiramโ€™s in New Delhi, India

Haldiramโ€™s makes a lot of snacks, one of them being a variety of chikki flavors. I suppose chikki is pretty similar to peanut brittle, though I have not had much of the latter in my lifetime and expect there might be even more sugar content than in chikki. Think a hard/snappy square of nuts and caramelized sugar binding things together.

The absolute best flavor in this variety pack is the sesame flavor, hands down. I would actually love trying my hand at making chikki someday because of this snack purchase. Second best is the one with rose petals in it. Bottom of the heap is the peanut-heavy version (Iโ€™m sorry, peanuts, but you are just not a premium nut).

Written on May 12, 2022