C & Me – Rice Snack 우리쌀 인절미

Two bags labeled "rice snack" with a pile of cubes stacked on a plate on the bags. Behind the bags are a pile of the individual rice snacks.

Rice & Corn from South Korea

5 out of 5 stars

District H in Seattle, WA

I bought these on a whim while checking out District H, which appears to be a subsidiary of H Mart. I had no idea what to expect based on the little cubes on the front of the package. These ended up being something like a blown-up version of a rice-based cereal, coated in a thin layer of powder that has a subtly sweet taste. These melt in your mouth, and I’m realizing from this whole snack journey that I seem to enjoy melt-in-your-mouth snacks where that is unexpected.

Written on Apr 10, 2022